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Reinventing Software Interaction - with Steve Peak

Steve Peak, CEO of Storyscript based in Seattle, Washington, joined Cascadia Report to talk to us about how technology is changing in response to how humans interact with it. He has been an entrepreneur and engineer for over a decade.

Sowing the Seeds of Success - with Valerie Song

Valerie Song, co-founder and CEO at AVA Technologies based in Vancouver, BC, joined Cascadia Report for an inspiring conversation about why she got into the food technology industry, what’s it’s like to be a woman in a STEM field, and the ongoing work she does in the community

A Shoe Startup Success - with Braden Parker

Braden Parker, co-founder at Vancouver-based premium footwear brand Casca, joined Cascadia Report to share the story of his journey so far, a little over three years after Casca was founded.

Building a Strong Startup - with Jeremy Martin

Jeremey Martin, CEO and co-founder of Loaded Athletics, based in Vancouver, British Columbia, joined Cascadia Report for a chat about his career both as a sportsman, and as a successful young businessman

Talking Scholarships - with Madison Guy

Madison Guy, founder of Vancouver-based education platform, GrantMe, joined Cascadia Report for a look at her career so far, and what lies ahead for the company. We talked about the huge strides that GrantMe have made in matching students with scholarships since they started out in 2017.

Talking Innovative Healthcare Solutions - with Rashmi Joshi

Rashmi Joshi is a serial entrepreneur based in Seattle, Washington. She has over 10 years experience in product and marketing strategy, and building successful businesses from the ground up.