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Building a Strong Startup - with Jeremy Martin

Jeremey Martin, CEO and co-founder of Loaded Athletics, based in Vancouver, British Columbia, joined Cascadia Report for a chat about his career both as a sportsman, and as a successful young businessman

Powering the Cannabis Industry - with John Manlove

John Manlove, CEO and Founder of Apex Trading, joined us for a chat about the journey that he has been on in the world of developing business management software for the cannabis industry.

Proper Event Planning - with Lynn Edwards

Lynn Edwards, owner & founder of Proper Planning based in Seattle, Washington, is a sought-after public speaker and a leader in the event planning industry. As the founder of Proper Planning, Lynn has built a team of event professionals who produce nearly 100 events a year worldwide.

Talking Innovative Healthcare Solutions - with Rashmi Joshi

Rashmi Joshi is a serial entrepreneur based in Seattle, Washington. She has over 10 years experience in product and marketing strategy, and building successful businesses from the ground up.

A Drone's Eye View - with Geoff Mullins

Geoff Mullins is the Operations Manager at InDro Robotics. Geoff, an avid adventurer, who has a deep passion for the ocean, has merged his love for nature with the cutting-edge technology of drones.

Satellites for the Sea - with Julie Angus

Julie Angus is the CEO at Open Ocean Robotics. Julie is a Canadian rower, adventurer, writer, cyclist, and entrepreneur. She has combined her passion for exploration and the ocean by launching an ocean-tech startup with her husband, Colin Angus. We had a chat with Julie to find out more about

A Very Moduurn Startup - with Pirouz Khakzad

A few years ago, Pirouz Khakzad was living a good life. He was working within a large technology company and had all the benefits associated with that. The work was interesting, he was a valued team member, and was being compensated accordingly. He started work at 9 am, ended at