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Disrupting Trading Through Blockchain Technology - with Dohyung Kim

Dohyung “DH” Kim, Founder and CEO of Finhaven Technology Inc, based in Vancouver BC, joined Cascadia Report to share some exciting news from the world of blockchain powered private markets

Building Pattern Based Experiences - with Chris Stahl

Chris Stahl, CEO and co-founder of Portland-based Knapsack, joined Cascadia Report for an interesting and heartfelt discussion about his career to date, what it takes to start your own business, and his passion for the tech community here in the Pacific Northwest.

Podcasting Happily Ever After - with Naomi Shah

Naomi Shah, founder and CEO of Meet Cute, a modern entertainment company that makes short-form audio rom-coms. Naomi joined Cascadia Report from her home in Portland, Oregon, to share her unique start-up story.

Reinventing Software Interaction - with Steve Peak

Steve Peak, CEO of Storyscript based in Seattle, Washington, joined Cascadia Report to talk to us about how technology is changing in response to how humans interact with it. He has been an entrepreneur and engineer for over a decade.

Sowing the Seeds of Success - with Valerie Song

Valerie Song, co-founder and CEO at AVA Technologies based in Vancouver, BC, joined Cascadia Report for an inspiring conversation about why she got into the food technology industry, what’s it’s like to be a woman in a STEM field, and the ongoing work she does in the community

A Shoe Startup Success - with Braden Parker

Braden Parker, co-founder at Vancouver-based premium footwear brand Casca, joined Cascadia Report to share the story of his journey so far, a little over three years after Casca was founded.

Revolutionizing Healthy Snacks - with Neil Thomson

Neil Thomson, CEO and Founder of Naked Snacks based in Vancouver, British Columbia, joined Cascadia Report to talk about what drives him to innovate in the healthy eating space, and what running a startup in the food industry looks like.