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Talking Scholarships - with Madison Guy

Madison Guy, founder of Vancouver-based education platform, GrantMe, joined Cascadia Report for a look at her career so far, and what lies ahead for the company. We talked about the huge strides that GrantMe have made in matching students with scholarships since they started out in 2017.

Promoting Excellence in Public Administration - with Pop Kanjanakantorn

Pop Kanjanakantorn, Director of Business Operations at the Institute of Public Administration of Canada (IPAC) Victoria chapter, joined Cascadia Report for a chat about the work IPAC does for the community. We also spoke about his role at the BCDevExchange at the BC Ministry of Citizens’ Services

Proper Event Planning - with Lynn Edwards

Lynn Edwards, owner & founder of Proper Planning based in Seattle, Washington, is a sought-after public speaker and a leader in the event planning industry. As the founder of Proper Planning, Lynn has built a team of event professionals who produce nearly 100 events a year worldwide.

A Drone's Eye View - with Geoff Mullins

Geoff Mullins is the Operations Manager at InDro Robotics. Geoff, an avid adventurer, who has a deep passion for the ocean, has merged his love for nature with the cutting-edge technology of drones.

Satellites for the Sea - with Julie Angus

Julie Angus is the CEO at Open Ocean Robotics. Julie is a Canadian rower, adventurer, writer, cyclist, and entrepreneur. She has combined her passion for exploration and the ocean by launching an ocean-tech startup with her husband, Colin Angus. We had a chat with Julie to find out more about

A Very Moduurn Startup - with Pirouz Khakzad

A few years ago, Pirouz Khakzad was living a good life. He was working within a large technology company and had all the benefits associated with that. The work was interesting, he was a valued team member, and was being compensated accordingly. He started work at 9 am, ended at