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The Man Behind Canada's Digital Technology Supercluster - with Bill Tam

Bill Tam, Co-Founder of Canada’s Digital Technology Supercluster based in Vancouver BC, joined Cascadia Report to share his wealth of experience in the tech sector in Canada, and provide insights and advice for those leading businesses in 2020 and beyond.

Leading Washington's Technology Industry - with Michael Schutzler

Michael Schutzler, CEO of the Washington Technology Industry Association (WTIA), joined Cascadia Report for an inspiring conversation about the tech industry in Washington and the Pacific Northwest, and the value of mindfulness and personal growth.

Building Pattern Based Experiences - with Chris Stahl

Chris Stahl, CEO and co-founder of Portland-based Knapsack, joined Cascadia Report for an interesting and heartfelt discussion about his career to date, what it takes to start your own business, and his passion for the tech community here in the Pacific Northwest.

Creating Connection Through Innovation - with Viswanath Kashi

Viswanath Kashi, CEO & Co-founder of Last Link, based out of Portland Oregon, with a remote team connecting from Europe and Asia. He joined us for an exciting conversation about the life of a tech startup founder.

Taking a Lead in Diversity - with Stephanie Hollingshead

Stephanie Hollingshead, CEO of HR Tech Group, based in Vancouver BC, joined Cascadia Report to talk about her experiences as a leader in the tech industry

Podcasting Happily Ever After - with Naomi Shah

Naomi Shah, founder and CEO of Meet Cute, a modern entertainment company that makes short-form audio rom-coms. Naomi joined Cascadia Report from her home in Portland, Oregon, to share her unique start-up story.

A Serverless Startup Story - with Ryan Jones

Ryan Jones, CEO of Serverless Guru, a serverless consulting company based in Portland, Oregon, that is helping to lead the serverless computing revolution. Ryan believes that every business has the ability to achieve operational excellence across their entire organization