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Putting Cascadia on the Global Stage - with Oliver Schmidtke

Oliver Schmidtke, Director of the Centre for Global Studies (CFGS) at the University of Victoria, joined Cascadia Report to share his story and his valuable insights on challenges and opportunities facing the Pacific Northwest

Reinventing Software Interaction - with Steve Peak

Steve Peak, CEO of Storyscript based in Seattle, Washington, joined Cascadia Report to talk to us about how technology is changing in response to how humans interact with it. He has been an entrepreneur and engineer for over a decade.

Driving Marketing Innovation – with Greg Waring

Greg Waring, VP of Marketing at Kal Tire has over 30 years of senior general management, marketing, and business development experience. A native Canadian, his career began shortly after receiving an MBA in Marketing and Strategy from the University of British Columbia in Vancouver.

Women’s Enterprise Inspiration - with Jill Earthy

Jill Earthy, CEO of the Women’s Enterprise Centre (WEC) based in Vancouver, BC. Jill recently completed 8 years on the Board of Directors of WEC BC, serving as Board Chair for the past 3 years. Having taken the role of interim CEO in March we spoke to Earthy as the new official CEO of WEC.

A Career in Politics - with Michael de Jong, MLA

Michael de Jong, MLA for Abbotsford West was re-elected in 2017 an area he has represented since first being elected to the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia in a 1994 by-election.

Leading a Big Little City - with Mayor Michael Morden

Michael Morden, Mayor of Maple Ridge, BC since 2018, has long been involved with the community - having previously held positions as a City Councillor and President of the Maple Ridge Chamber of Commerce.

Sowing the Seeds of Success - with Valerie Song

Valerie Song, co-founder and CEO at AVA Technologies based in Vancouver, BC, joined Cascadia Report for an inspiring conversation about why she got into the food technology industry, what’s it’s like to be a woman in a STEM field, and the ongoing work she does in the community